Save the Date! RHP 6 Stakeholder Forum

Save the Date! HHSC has announced that CMS will complete the initial review of our three remaining projects next week. To recognize this milestone, RHP 6 will host a meeting in San Antonio of regional stakeholders on December 10. During this forum, we will present the current RHP Plan, celebrate DY2 milestone achievement, and kick off our Learning Collaborative efforts. An agenda, time and location information will be forthcoming. Please plan to join us on December 10.

New Three-Year DSRIP Projects

Along with the approximately $7.5 million in unused DSRIP funds remaining in Region 6, HHSC is currently estimating that an additional $25 million will be redistributed to our region from other parts of the state. This combined $32.5 million will fund the first seven projects included on RHP 6′s “prioritized list” of proposed projects. These providers must submit a complete project narrative and milestone/metric table to by December 10, 2013. For more information, please call 210-358-8792.

Additional Resources:

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