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Category 3

Performing Providers must reselect Cateogry 3 measures for all DSRIP projects by midnight on March 10, 2014. Email completed Provider Selection Tools to DSRIP@Deloitte.com with copy to: carol.huber@uhs-sa.com.

Important resources and tools:

HHSC’s website

Cat 3 Companion Document

Cat 3 Measures List – Abbreviated (Also known as “the brief menu.” This contains the list of Alternative Impovement Activities – Stretch and Population-Focused Priority Measures)

Category 3 Menu - This is a handy reference to link to original measure sources, but the IT#s are NOT CORRECT. Refer to the “brief menu” for up-to-date IT#s.

Provider Selection Tool - Microsoft Excel 2010

Provider Selection Tool - Microsoft Excel 2007 and earlier versions

Risk Adjustment Methodology Overview

Cat 3 Compendium: