Important Reporting and Payment Dates

Oct. 26 Final Pass 1 workbooks and narratives due to UHS
Oct. 31 RHP Plan Sections 1 – 3 due to HHSC
Nov. 2 Pass 2 workbooks and narratives due to UHS
Nov. 7 RHP 6 Public Meeting
Nov. 8 Pass 1 public comments due
Nov. 16 RHP Plan (Pass 1) due to HHSC
Dec. 7 Pass 2 public comments due
Dec. 31  Final RHP Plan due to HHSC
Sept. 1 Performing Providers submit revisions to RHP Plan based on CMS feedback
Aug.31 RHP reporting and request for payment due (period Oct 1 through July 30)
Oct. 31 RHP reporting and request for payment due (through Sept 30)
Dec. 15 Annual report due for DY 2
Feb. 7 HHSC/CMS will approve/deny October DY 2 “needs more information” provider submissions
April 23 Final date to submit questions regarding April reporting and inform HHSC of any issues with the reporting templates
April 30 DY 3 reporting period 1, 4 year DSRIP projects. Eligible 3 year projects, 1st opportunity to report
April 30 Due date for providers’ April DY 3 DSRIP reporting using the DY 3 Reporting Template and/or DY2 Carryforward Reporting Template and applicable QPI, Category 3, and Category 4 templates
May 1 HHSC will begin review of the April reports and supporting documentation
May 7 HHSC will share regional summary files of providers’ reported progress from the April provider templates for IGT Entities and Anchors to review
June HHSC approves April reports or requests more information from selected providers
June 20 HHSC and CMS will complete their review and approval of April reports or request additional information
June 30 RHPs submit plan modifications for DYs 4 – 5
Early July IGT due for April reporting DSRIP payments
July 9  Estimate IGT due date for April DY3 milestone/metric achievement as well as for October DY 2 approved NMI metrics
July 11 Due date for providers to submit responses to HHSC requests for additional information on April reported milestone/metric achievement
July 21 and 31 April reporting DSRIP payments processed (7/21-“Top 20 entities”; 7/31-remaining providers)
July 31 Payment date for April DY 3 reporting as well as for October DY 2 approved NMI metrics
August 15 HHSC and CMS will approve or deny the additional information submitted in response to HHSC comments on April reported milestone/metric achievement
Oct. 31  DY 3 reporting for 4 year DSRIP projects. A majority of the new 3 year DSRIP projects will report for the 1st time.
 January  IGT due and payments
April 30  DSRIP DY4 report due
May 20 IGT entities approve and comment on affiliated provider reports
June 10 HHSC completes April DY4 review and requests NMI
July 2 Due date for NMI reponses
 July 8  DSRIP IGT due
 July 21 and 31  DSRIP DY4 payments
August 7 HHSC approves/denies NMI milestones
 October 31  DSRIP DY4 report due
 January 4  DSRIP IGT due
January 15 and 29 DSRIP DY4 payments
April 30 DSRIP DY5 report due
July 8 DSRIP IGT due
July 19 and 29 DSRIP DY5 payments
October 31 DSRIP DY5 report due
January 3 IGT due
January 13 and 31 DSRIP DY5 payment
 April 30  DY 6 Reporting Round 1
July DY 6 Reporting Round 1 payments
October 30 DY 6 Reporting Round 2
Jan 2 IGT due
Note: All dates are subject to change