Summary of Regional Performance Data

RHP 6 is excited to release a new report:

Assessing Progress and Opportunities to Improve Health and Transform Care in RHP 6: Summary of available regional performance measures related to the Medicaid 1115 Waiver

This report presents data currently available by region so we can assess the waiver’s impact beyond the project level. These measures have been produced by HHSC (and/or its contracted External Quality Review Organization) using Medicaid Claims data.

Further, HHSC has identified many of these measures as candidates for a proposed Performance Bonus Pool (PBP) if the waiver is extended beyond September 30, 2016. Additional measures being considered for the PBP can be found on HHSC’s website ( but are not included here because regional-level subsets are not yet available.

While we await further guidance from HHSC on waiver extension, this subset of measures can help us evaluate progress, reassess priorities, and promote additional collaboration across our region. Providers and stakeholders are encouraged to review these data and reflect on areas of strength and opportunity for further improvements. These measures will also be integral to our regional dialogue as we prepare for the development of the RHP 6 PBP plan and continue to transition our focus from individual project outcomes to regional transformation. Please communicate your ideas, questions, and concerns to Carol Huber at